Apr 30, 2010

mooi 2

more from the folder 'mooi'. first one is a drawing from hanna konola, 2nd a pattern by mina perhonen, 3rd is a work of jordi ferreiro, 4th anu tuominen and the last one is a favorite portrait from nina beier and marie lund from janfamily.


the plants are doing good. except for the little one on the stool. it's nice to photograph them these days in the sunlight.

Apr 27, 2010

gary in the morning and in the afternoon.

Apr 26, 2010

pictures from a slow morning. listening to records, having breakfast and taking care of the plants.

Apr 25, 2010

things we both have (30)

a collection of spoons.
up: veronik's
down: mieke's.
remember the spoons of elisabeth, lena and mav?

Apr 24, 2010

vintage plant shop

2 temporary vintage plant shops. created by byggstudio. they did more nice jobs. look here. discovered through bird and banner.

Apr 23, 2010


there is a very nice bakery in antwerp (berchem actually). they sell the best bread and groceries and they wrap it in the most beautiful bags. afreux made the design.

and thank you for the birthday-wishes!!

Apr 22, 2010


all the best veronik, have a wonderful birthday!!

Apr 20, 2010


we have some things for sale this weekend (22-23-24-25/4) at atelier solarshop. they have a stocksale going on, you can read all about it here. it's all looking very good!!

Apr 19, 2010

beautiful places

from the folder 'huis' (house) on the computer. they all have beautiful light!! first one is an old one from manteli, nr 2, 4 and 6 were found on ensuite, the 3rd on is from frank visser's atelier. 5th one from fanja, and the last one is from sandra juto.

Apr 17, 2010


always nice to start a new one. the biggest one is from finland.

Apr 15, 2010


today's lunch, and a childhood-memory drink.
how to build an iglo.

Apr 13, 2010


posted about this book looong time ago, when no-one knew our blog. it's very nice, so wanted to show you again. the cover is the best, though.

Apr 12, 2010

verzameld werk

we were in ghent today and visited a very special place called 'verzameld werk'. it's a beautiful space, and for the moment (untill 5/6) they show some of anu tuominen's work. if you happen to be in ghent, you have to go there!!

Apr 11, 2010

final sales

check our webshop. we added the last leftovers.

Apr 9, 2010

both scout

and both cool ladies. listening a lot to scout's latest record. and that's 'little' scout from the very nice movie 'to kill a mockingbird'

Apr 8, 2010

johann hauser

keep checking things we saw in the museum of everything. johann hauser's work is so nice. you can see some in this flickr set.

Apr 7, 2010

fleamarket finds with faces.

Apr 6, 2010

open house for butterflies

a very very funny book by ruth krauss, with drawings from maurice sendak. also check 'a hole is to dig'.