Apr 29, 2014

nido 5/14

i did another family shoot for the may issue of german magazine nido.
the previous one here.
more close-ups and unpublished photos of this set soon.

Apr 28, 2014

a mix

a mix of some older photos.  i love the wooden creatures christoph and sonja made. and veronik's leonardo is just so good!

Apr 27, 2014

flickr favourite

i really like the collection of old drawings on this flickr photostream.  i seem to favourite a lot of them :)

Apr 24, 2014

birthday party invitation

we made an invitation for children's birthday parties in the MoMu. in collaboration with katrien hendrickx again, just like the museumrules.

Apr 23, 2014

at a friend's place

a lot of friends have moved recently to new places, that's interesting for me! i love the atmosphere of this one, feels like a summerhouse. and such pretty carpets!

Apr 22, 2014

happy birthday veronik!

dearest friend, wishing you all the best and lots of love x x x x x x

Apr 21, 2014

our easter brunch

our easter was great again, as every year. a few more on flickr

Apr 20, 2014

easter at otark

had a nice breakfast at otark, charlotte made 'paasmannetjes' again :)
tomorrow another easter breakfast !

Apr 19, 2014

at home

i spent some time at home today. i like being here and listening to music. i love this new one, from friends. nice title, nice cover and nice songs ofcourse!

Apr 18, 2014


looking forward to the easter weekend!

Apr 16, 2014


so, the bedroom is papered! thanks to my mother!

Apr 15, 2014

sam doyle

i like the paintings of sam doylehere are some nice photos of his outdoor gallery.

Apr 14, 2014

more from gina

it wasn't the good time to photgraph all these little things. minnie was in the mood for playing and destroyed the mouse that renilde also got :)

next shooting while she's sleeping!
thinking about having a small glass cabinet for all these treasures. how else to keep them all? it would be nice to be able to look at them and keep them safe.

Apr 13, 2014


i opened gina's surprise ball today, a friend was watching. and minnie too. she loved the paper!
so many great treasures, will show you soon! thanks again gina, a million times!

Apr 9, 2014

birds and grapes

next week my mother is going to help me, hanging this pretty paper in my bedroom.

Apr 7, 2014

i really need some curtains soon.
but for now, i'm gonna make some tea and watch a movie... goodnight!

Apr 6, 2014

in the evening

we live in a busy street now.  but it's allright.  so many things to do, but i'm having a busy month, work-wise, so the unpacking and decorating is going rather slowly. but we do feel at home...
have a good week !

Apr 3, 2014

the new home

first mail today: the little house came folded in an envelop, as a congratulations to the new home-card :)
the plate was broken already for a long time, while packing i doubted if i should keep it, glad i did, just glued it together.
and i'm going to have wallpaper in the bedroom!  there's a sample on the wall. can't wait to have the whole room papered !