Jul 30, 2012

evening light

last week i did another sleepover at charlotte's place. the nice thing about that is that i could see the place in evening ànd morning light. so nice!

Jul 29, 2012


from this morning's breakfast table with sophie. breakfast must be my favourite moment of the day. especially when the sun is shining.

Jul 27, 2012

russian shopping

we went shopping in a russian supermarket and found some nice things :)
the pinocchio package contained a very tasty kind of quark ice-cream, and that cheburashka ice tea tastes like pink bubblegum.

Jul 26, 2012


a pretty fleamarket book that i saw at a friend's place.

Jul 25, 2012

jimmie durham

jimmie durham has a nice exhibition in muhka here in antwerp. i loved the first photo and especially the story with it, couldn't find it on google, but wanted to show the photo anyway.
the 2nd photo shows a work entitled: "a piece of granite shaped like a camel's head". and on the 3rd photo "here is a peanut shaped like a bird".

Jul 21, 2012


my website is updated with 8 new sets of photos. have a look here!

Jul 20, 2012

it's weekend

bobby//eccheveria i got for free on the market, hope it'll look better soon//a nice little piece of art on their mantelpiece//cactus drawing by jiri trnka+ cacti in veronik's atelier//flowers on the table.

the weekend will be sunny. finally. have a nice one!

Jul 18, 2012


veronik and bobby have a new friend. she is super cute! some more photos on flickr.

mieke saw kimya dawson last night and veronik went to see paul simon! pity they were playing on the same night but we both loved what we saw :)

Jul 15, 2012


it was a calm day.
but: christian's painting arrived. will have to re-arrange the appartement to give it the best spot. it's so so beautiful.

Jul 12, 2012


treasures on the table.
urpo & turpo: favourite bears!

Jul 11, 2012

stephen shore

some really nice photos of stephen shore.

Jul 9, 2012

from last week

1. found a sweet potato growing!
2. visited a beautiful place
3. met a very nice dog

Jul 7, 2012

edgard tytgat

we both love edgard tytgat. the book is not that nice but i think it's the only one that includes so many of his works.

Jul 4, 2012

3 more days

this week thursday-friday-saturday: the last days of veronik's exhibition in hectoliter in brussels. so hurry up and go there!

Jul 2, 2012


never missed a monday in la chascona. lots of favourite people there on that day. (first photo is made by erico or jumpei from a few weeks ago when we met there too/ 2nd photo by charlotte)