Feb 27, 2013

pirosmani, the movie

last night i saw a movie about the life of niko pirosmani, a georgian painter. (went to see his works last october.)
i took it from the library but found it on youtube, without subtitles though. every image in it is beautiful!!!

Feb 24, 2013

snowy purim ☃

it was snowing a little today. and i seem to have a pin for every subject on this blog. the walking snowboy photo is made by estelle hanania, she made a few more. look at this traffic light costume! so nice!

+ daniel as a snowman

Feb 22, 2013

too cold

the mornings are mostly bright, very nice to be at home, listening to records. but the evenings are just too cold to go outside... looking so forward for spring!

Feb 20, 2013

some things...

 ... i liked in places i recently visited. the painting in the first photo is one made by christian. it's called 'i believe in a dancer'.  website update soon!

Feb 17, 2013

from today

we are working on something very nice, and today we had a photoshoot with a very funny girl. it was a really good day!

Feb 16, 2013

alyne harris

such nice paintings. from alyne harris.  you can buy them really cheap on ebay :)

Feb 15, 2013

in a line

collecting things for a photoshoot this weekend. looking forward!

in the meanwhile in a dustin hoffman mood. after seeing the graduate again, started to look at the others. kramer vs kramer was the first one and higly recommended if you want to see something easy, but good!

Feb 13, 2013

madelon's objects

really like the opening pages of this book about madelon vriesendorp. you can see why we can relate to her :)   images from her work some other time...

Feb 12, 2013

pancake day

this morning i was told by a friend it was "pancake day" today. never heard of that, but anyway, i decided to make a more healthy version with oatmeal for lunch. the pretzel is hanging on chartlotte's wall and made this post more festive.

remember our kolobok dinner?

Feb 11, 2013


our friend ksenia galiaeva has a new blog-like website which is really very nice! so many nice associations and stories, and a lot more to come, so be sure to check again, we'll put the link here on the right side...

Feb 10, 2013


these days it's still cold, but somehow there is a little bit of spring in the air already. all the plants are doing well, especially the figue trees are growing fast now.