Nov 30, 2009

shop update

a shop update. garlands, pins, x-mascards, new notebooks, ...! check it here!

Nov 29, 2009


an old picture from mieke in london and a drawing that's on a notebook that will be in the webshop from tomorrow on.
(inspired by lisens post)

Nov 27, 2009


10 little chairs in the shop!

Nov 26, 2009

in veroniks new atelier

making a big painting.

Nov 24, 2009


our garlands are for sale now in the shop. these are just a few ;-)

Nov 23, 2009


found a big collection of cheburashka pins again, they are all great! will put some in the webshop soon as well!

Nov 22, 2009


sinterklaas-look in the shop. some more pics here.

Nov 21, 2009


we have apartamento in our shop!! we like it! for sale online too.

Nov 20, 2009

ksenia's book presentation

tomorrow in lokaal 01! if you're around pass by. here you can see more pics from her book!

things we both have (27)

a small scarf.
in orange for mieke and in yellow for veronik.

Nov 19, 2009


some of our products our featured in this month's issue of feeling wonen. the stying looks wonderful again! you can see gary the robot, string spool set, a renilde pincushion, potholder, garland, xmas-card, table, dolls,... we're proud!

Nov 18, 2009


he is an old friend. and a very good carpenter.
went to visit him last weekend. thank you
s., t. and a. for the peaceful afternoon.

Nov 16, 2009

olaf breuning

he made some really nice photos!

Nov 15, 2009

into speckled yarn

scarfs in white, light and dark gray.

we're mentioned in the beautiful magazine papier mache!!

Nov 13, 2009


this is what we've been up to last wednesday, cutting and folding tons of paper to make garlands to decorate the x-mas trees! the first picture is made when we were half way. we still have to finish them, and we'll put some in the webshop as well. thanks again to our lovely friends for all the help!

Nov 11, 2009


was a holiday. the shop was closed but we've been working on some things the whole afternoon with a lot of help from some friends. will show you soon!
these are 2 pictures, one from mieke's place, and the foxes belong to c.

Nov 9, 2009


finally back in stock. both in the "real" shop, and in the webshop!

Nov 8, 2009


and many more new things added to our online-shop!