Sep 29, 2009

fluo pink

that's miekes bike. and a moomin bag from japan. a beautiful gift from a beautiful friend. they fit somehow!

Sep 28, 2009

urpo & turpo

how we wish we grew up with a lovely animation like this! found through fine little day. she sells a video in her shop. would love to see more than youtube shows...

Sep 27, 2009

veroniks accesories

hairpin and necklace

Sep 25, 2009

zdenek miler

a great ebay-find: a beautiful book about krtek/the mole by zdenek miler. it's in russian so we can't read it, but we sure can stare all day long at the nicely printed drawings!

Sep 23, 2009

in canada

one of our woodpecker doorknockers is living in canada now. look how nice!

Sep 22, 2009

nice ones

2 labels. 2 elephants.

steps magazine

in the new steps magazine. a free city magazine here in antwerp. we both look quit sad and arrogant in the photo, but we're not.

Sep 21, 2009

a new seal

we have another seal in our store since saturday! it's also made by renate muller. the other one went to a new home!

Sep 20, 2009


we got some presents this week! first a nice harmonica from a friend. than a lovely box with mini candles to put in a bowl with water. a nice girl from san franscico brought it to our store a few days ago. and in the mail we received a package from the sweetest mia, who made this bag, the previous pouch, and the keyring! waw! thank you!

today we're going to a design fair in amsterdam!

Sep 19, 2009

our fleamarket

the fleamarket was nice today! didn't make many photos, we were too busy, inside and outside! thanks to everyone who came by!

Sep 18, 2009

de gevaarlijke reis

new in the store: tove janssons finally reprinted 'dangerous journey'. maybe the most beautiful book ever?
tomorrow fleamarket at our shop (and street)!!

...the new pins!!

Sep 16, 2009


just to let you know that the pincushions are sold out!! we still have some in the "real" store, so if you live close, you still have the chance to buy one!
this is a lovely boat-tattoo!

Sep 15, 2009

for sale

we have 6 pincushions from at swim-two-birds for sale. they cost € 24 whithout shipping costs. send us an e-mail if you want one to write down from 1 till 6 which one you like the most. the first 6 ones will be the lucky ones! be fast and good luck!

Sep 14, 2009

we have some nice new vintage items in the store!

Sep 13, 2009

kevin welslau

we went to the opening of kevin welslau today. so so so so beautiful! see more information here! hope many of you will be able to see it, cause it will make you happy!

Sep 12, 2009


next week saturday there is a fleamarket in our street! so if you're around, come by!!

Sep 11, 2009

better again

it's so strange to see how the shop looked in the beginning. every time we change it, it seems like it's looking better... and every new window is a favorite window...!

Sep 9, 2009


these are very nice photographs!!

Sep 8, 2009

the pincushions

renilde made already the most beautiful photos of them, but just wanted to let you know the pincushions arrived in the store today!