Feb 28, 2010

mieke's shoes

when she likes something, she really likes it!

Feb 26, 2010

"getting away...

...from already being pretty much away from it all" was the title of the exhibition that ended last night. the light is a bit weird so the pictures look quite bad, but here is an idea of how nice it looked. on the first photo katrien hendricks' work, on the 2nd veronik's and on the last photo a sculpture and 2 drawings by kevin welslau.
will show veronik's paintings soon, when they are back home, in daylight.

Feb 25, 2010


like little details in other people's places and c's place is the best for that. the poster on the first photo is from a video by lisa jeannin.

Feb 24, 2010

samuil marshak

ok, thank you for the comments on the last post. found more on google now, nice covers!!

tomorrow is the last day you can visit veronik's (and also katrien hendricks and kevin welslau's) exhibition in novylon. so don't miss this last chance! and otark is going to cook!


a nice book, pity it's not ours. S. Marschak it says on the cover, but couldnt find much interesting on google.

Feb 22, 2010

aaron birnbaum

it somehow feels weird to just start blogging about other things again, but we want to go on now. thanks for all those orders, we had a long day making all of your packages. the "real" shop is closed on mondays from now on.
here some great paintings from this artist.

Feb 21, 2010


today a nice walk in the park and we sat on the swing. it was nice. we are looking forward to spending more time together when the shop will be closed.
thank you for all your supporting comments. lots of people came to the shop this weekend.

Feb 18, 2010


dear everybody,
we have some sad news. we have really tried to make the best from our shop, in antwerp and online, but the truth is, it is not going well. the shop will have to close. a lot of good things happend, we met really nice people and we know there are many of you who really appreciated what we are doing. the sales were never enough to keep on going. it's hard nowadays for a small store to survive.
from tomorrow on we sell our products at 30% discount in the store, soon the online shop will follow. because we need to prepare it still, we hope to have it ready by monday.
of course we are making new plans for the future, first we have to finish all this in a good way.
and of course you will hear from us here on our blog.
thank you for all the kind words, talk soon.
mieke and veronik

Feb 17, 2010

nice post

the potholder we won in hanna's give-away, the handkerchiefs were sent to us by a girl called sara, and the star was made by maartje kuiper. thanks a lot all of you!

Feb 16, 2010

more books

you can see a few more photos here. and also on jordi's flickr page.

from the workshop

it was super nice! thank you so much JORDI!!

Feb 14, 2010

pasta making

our dear friends from otark made pasta today for the dinner tomorrow! looking really forward!

and also: jordi arrived! can't wait for the workshop tomorrow!

Feb 12, 2010

annina weber

met this girl in the shop a few weeks ago. her work looks really nice!

Feb 11, 2010

pearl blauvelt

great work from this artist. seen in the museum of everything.

Feb 10, 2010

from sathya

it's present time again. a beautiful card from the girl from this blog!

Feb 9, 2010

new items

some new things on the webshop. check it here!