Jul 30, 2015

Jul 29, 2015


my dear minnie, a small stone i found up in the mountains in massa and 3 bears from the thriftstore.

Jul 27, 2015

j's (2)

a few more from this place.
we are having so much rain these days.. :(

Jul 25, 2015

more memories

another mix from italy.
i loved that picasso sheet in our air bnb apartment in Isolabona :)

Jul 24, 2015

Jul 22, 2015

a beautiful tree in italy.
and a picture of the garden in het bos.

Jul 21, 2015

melvin edward nelson

nelson was an inventor; he was fascinated with the universe, planetary bodies and atoms. He built a “planetron” — a device which allowed him to track UFO’s. Significant to his life is the story that on one night a UFO landed in a clearing near his home. when it left, he was able to gather the dust from the landing site and began to use it in his paintings. (text from here + more here)

Jul 20, 2015


mickey hanger, present from petra :)
minnie in a box
cheburashka +friends from japan, present from ksenia

Jul 18, 2015


the films from italy are developped.  here some photos from a pretty house we stayed in.
have a nice weekend!

Jul 16, 2015

a mix

some dreamy photos from italy.  it's been a month already! time flies...

Jul 15, 2015

shaker art

recent find. i love this book on shaker art! i actually wanted to get this book, but it's hard to find for a reasonable price...

Jul 14, 2015


i got a cutting from a ginko tree for my birthday.  it's slowly growing! i love it!
the tiny erasers are an addition to my collection, from japan ofcourse.

Jul 10, 2015


some photos from around my place.
happy weekend!

Jul 8, 2015

on my wall

1. a forgotten drawing in katrien's class. lucky me!
2. my favourite page from ksenia's 'newspaper'

Jul 7, 2015


blogging from home again.
i still have a lot of photos from italy, i might show a few more another time.  i'm back home aready since 2 weeks and it's nice to spend time with minnie again.  but i do miss the mountains in italy!