Jun 30, 2009

double present

last night we got a very late but very perfect present from charlotte. don't know how she managed to find this book twice, it's so rare! but it's probably the most perfect book ever made.

Jun 29, 2009

lola goldstein

love the teapot. and actually everything she makes.

Jun 27, 2009


a vintage find from a little while ago. it's from the same czech company as our wooden finger puppets. saw them here too.

today is renilde's birthday, so happy happy birthday renilde!!!!

Jun 26, 2009

and also

2 more smaller notebooks. in very nice colors! -they didn't match the soft colors from yesterdays post. (mickey isnt for sale :) )

Jun 25, 2009


we have some new pens in the shop, the smile mask cards are back, and look at those lovely notebooks. we love all of it!

Jun 23, 2009

summer/winter bag

mieke has a new moomin bag. from handmade by mia. wrote about her before. it has 2 different sides: with a moomin summer and a moomin winter piece of fabric! it's wonderful! check out mia's etsy, she often has moomin things, also bought the keyring last december!

Jun 22, 2009

circus caravans

yesterday we visited an exhibition from a kids academy. a friend teaches there and the kids made circus caravans and figures. for the caravans they used some of the printed papers from our store. it all looked so beautiful!


our blog is mentioned in a danish magazine called boligliv. we just received it in our mailbox, but we don't know what it says. anyone who does?

Jun 21, 2009

and the winner is...

this morning an innocent hand picked a name out of all those who wrote a comment on this post. and the name was: DANICA!! congratulations! we will send you the potholders if you let us know your address, you can write an email to mail@miekewillems.com. thank you so much to everyone who wrote us a birthday comment!

Jun 20, 2009


from a day in the shop
tomorrow we'll pick a name for the potholders!!

Jun 19, 2009

4 new books

all by iela mari, the wife of enzo mari. the book with the green apple they did together.

Jun 18, 2009

yesterdays finds

letter magnets, a pinocchio, a very nice blanket, nice tumblers, and 2 snake-shaped things to make shapes with (?).

Jun 17, 2009

1 year birthday present

today it's exactly one year ago that we started our blog. to celebrate that we want to give you our birthday present: 2 potholders. 1 made by veronik and 1 made by mieke. everyone who leaves a comment on this post before sundaymorning, makes a chance to win them. it doesn't matter if you don't have a blog yourself or never wrote us, anyone can participate!

Jun 16, 2009


this is a necklace we would love to have!

Jun 15, 2009


look what this nice girl did with our beautiful sharpener!

Jun 14, 2009


some more photos from the lovely friday evening.
after the dinner the boys and us have been playing a bit.

Jun 13, 2009

fairytale dinner

last night we had a fairytale dinner. everyone made a dish from a childrens storybook. there was porridge from the three bears, apples from snowhite, mushrooms (from so many stories), beans from the little house on the prairie, raspberries from the moomins and a lot more. and we've been listening to the great ella jenkins childrens songs! it was very very nice.