Jan 30, 2014

i got this echeveria cutting from the man who was working in the botanical garden last saturday.  hope it will grow well.  the glass hedgehog was a present from ksenia.
almost weekend again! have a nice one!

Jan 29, 2014


the framed squirrel drawing was one of the best things i found last year. all the little things i keep in drawers that i open every now and than. they are the best little treasures.

Jan 27, 2014

joseph vignes

known as 'pépé'.  i love browsing this website and look at all the works from outsider artists.  this one i didn't know yet.  and i think they are beautiful!

Jan 26, 2014


from this weekends visit to the botanical garden here in antwerp. it's such a great place!  the picture of us is from last weekend's walk in the middelheim park.

Jan 25, 2014

saturday afternoon

love the colors from andrea's tea.  bought blueberries on the market but ofcourse they aren't very tasty this time of the year.  minnie likes them though, for playing!

Jan 24, 2014

from sweden

i found these in the mail today.  handmade socks and hand embroidered towel from an 80 year old lady who just opened a shop in sweden.  i would love to go there!  but luckily i have a friend close there who sent me these! thank you so much lisa!!

Jan 22, 2014

the sun is shining! yay, finally. we had so much rain...  little my and snufkin in front of the mirror (thanks d!). and i tried to make a portrait from minnie and me for my mother to frame, but she wasn't very cooperative :)

Jan 19, 2014

in the morning

oatmeal for breakfast is a winter favourite.  and minnie looking cute all the time.
the weekend is over again.  we took a nature walk, on saturday and sunday. it was perfect.

Jan 18, 2014

a book

found in the thriftstore.  i love the fluffyness of the animals :) drawings are by the russian illustrator yevgeny charushin.

Jan 15, 2014

franz erhard walther

a friend introduced me to the work of franz erhard walther today. right on time, cause there is an exhibition coming up in february, in brussels.
google him, there are so many great photos out there!

Jan 14, 2014

things we both have (47)

2 blankets+ mickey + minnie :)
up: veronik's
down: mieke's

Jan 13, 2014

for daniel, and a.

that black and white photo i made more than 10 years ago, when i was in the first year at the academy.  that's daniel, and veronik :)
it was such a beautiful sunny day today! 

Jan 12, 2014


having a serious cold so stayed in bed really long.  wearing my new mina pershonen socks (thank you T+N!!) and drinking ginger tea all day long..

Jan 10, 2014


from a photoshoot  //  some leftover chocolate from sinterklaas + so happy with my cups from katharina trudzinski.  // first time ever i bought roses.  and: hooray it's weekend!

Jan 8, 2014


oh so worried to get ill.  the do to list is still long and  soon it will finally become winter.  i have a new key ring and i am happy every time i look at it.

Jan 5, 2014

some things shiny

charlotte's necklace // fancy kitten candy (which she doesn't like)  // gym ball in the morning sun