Mar 29, 2012

dear gemma

she sent us these great little things. all wrapped in nice papers. that little red mickey is already a part of a collection of all time favourite things :). and this lotto-thing might help us to win the lottery! :)
thanks again gemma!

Mar 28, 2012

an an

beginning of february a japanese photographer + a journalist came to my home to make some photos. the magazine came out already 7th of march but it finally arrived in the mail today. funny and strange to see.

+ THANK YOU all so much for your sweet comments and for visiting my website! i'm very happy about this!

Mar 23, 2012

i made a website, with lots of help from our favourite graphic designer rienk. it mainly shows apartments and houses i photographed the last few months. i'm working on new photos which i will put online as well, very soon i hope.
please have a look!

Mar 21, 2012


into organizing photos by color, as you notice. the last photo shows a crayon plaster, a great find by veronik!

+ remember these dancing mickey+minnie from the time we were in venice, long ago. always put a smile on our face. should have bought them!

+ this song by jens lekman is truly brilliant! his lyrics are so funny. what a genious!

Mar 19, 2012

hedgehog in he fog

there is a book out quite recently from this amazing animation by yuri norshtein. if you never saw the video have a look here! it's really nice! especially love the owl, and the hedgehog ofcourse!

Mar 17, 2012


1. a zine by yule bringer, in brown and white.
2. a fox seen on a very nice exhibition a while ago.
3. illustration by jiri trnka
4. one avocado pit is doing good! (this little guy is sitting behind the glass, without hair, but i still kept him)
5. charlie's lion

did a brown post before i noticed.

Mar 16, 2012


this chameleon is sitting on the head of a match! it's body is only 16 mm! found another photo here, but like this one more.
+ a small collection of little things on a tiny cutting board + tiny flowers growing on the oxalis plant. spring has arrived in antwerp.

Mar 13, 2012

horrace pippin

just discovered the paintings by horrace pippin and they are so so very good!

Mar 12, 2012


also found in this library: birds by jeffrey fisher. found the cover image long ago and put it on ffffound. it's so nice. lena sjöberg also has it.

Mar 10, 2012


1. a beautiful book cover found on the shelfs of this great room.
2. flowers on the kitchentable
3. bobby balthus
4. charlie's elephant

+ this little pink book by ye rin mok looks very nice!

Mar 8, 2012

viva picasso

a very beautiful book with photos from david douglas duncan. picasso's place always looked great and inspiring. full of nice objects + goats outside and what a beautiful wife! the book is very easy to find for a cheap price! (amazon or alibris, for axample)

Mar 7, 2012

a sleepover

because charlotte and miljan recently re-arrangend their beautiful apartment and made the best guest-room full of books we organized a sleepover last night. so nice to sleep in such a beautiful room and wake up and check all the books! + my socks match their kitchenfloor.

Mar 6, 2012


1. a nice kitchen worktop
2. beetroot
3. a shadow and a water stain on the curtain

Mar 4, 2012


some photos from a very green place. it has this perfect terrace and i made photos there before.
would like to see project nim!

Mar 3, 2012

a painter's palette

1. a work by michel françois 'palette fantome'
2. chocolate. thanks S for the photo!