Aug 30, 2012

i bought this funny cat for very little money, but i like it a lot. it's looking outside and making sure the window stays open.

Aug 29, 2012

packaging again

had a nice afternoon in the drugstore. collecting things mainly because of the package, more than because of their use :)
and the panda-salt a friend brought from japan, so nice!

Aug 28, 2012

mann über bord

found in vienna. a great book by tal r.

Aug 25, 2012

house of artists/gugging

next to the gugging museum there is a house where the artists live and work. we went to have a look outside and met some of them. it was a very special day. highly recommended when you go to vienna! the place is a bit in the mountains and the nature is very very beautiful.
a few more of the house on flickr.

Aug 23, 2012


2/3rd of the photos i made in vienna were taken in the gugging museum, an art brut centre a bit outside of the city and the most wonderful place we visited last week. we went even twice :)
at the moment there is an exhibition about august walla who died 11 years ago and left behind many many paintings and drawings our favourite works were his letters though. so nice!

Aug 22, 2012

icecream in vienna

up: cafe prückel was one of our favourite places, really nice interior!
down: we had some icecream. spaghetti and mickey :)
(a few more on flickr)

Aug 21, 2012

first post about vienna

we had a fantastic trip. vienna is wonderful! there are lots of things to show you in the next few days. the fox sign was from a restaurant around our corner, so nice! the 2nd photo shows a bookcover we saw in this very inspiring bookshop. 3rd and 4th photo are taken in the beautiful hallway from the place we stayed.

Aug 13, 2012

10 years

off to vienna, to celebrate 10 years friendship with a dear friend.
this photo was taken in the academy, in the photo class where we met!

Aug 12, 2012


these 'pills' were a present from a friend who might be the best present-finder i know! she told me i had to put them in the water and see what happens. well, this is what happened! so nice, no?

Aug 10, 2012

the word

this is what i saw when i came home today. it is true, i like light a lot, as you can read in this interview with me. it feels weird to read an interview about myself, there is not so much to say, i think, but hey, it's a good thing if people look at my photos because of this.
the pinocchio pencil sharpener was a present from a friend this week. i should make a pinocchio-label too on this blog :)
happy weekend!

Aug 9, 2012

babar again

a present from someone nice. looks like a baby or maybe a mouse was eating from it, but it's still very very nice. (more babar: 1-2-3)

Aug 7, 2012

with faces

anneloes' kitchen is filled with nice things and many faces // from long time ago in a supermarket // russian candy

Aug 6, 2012

from the weekend

there was sun. today mostly rain. charlotte picked these flowers from the garden on her roof!
good things are happening. more on that soon!
also, next week mieke is going to vienna, tips are welcome!

Aug 3, 2012

love andrea's wall decoration. and bobby loves the little kitten. the acovadoplants are doing so well, new leaves keep on coming. so nice! (on the photo the leaves are hanging a bit, but after some water they looked perfect again!)
happy weekend all!

Aug 2, 2012


a nice book from the library. it's from an exhibition in 1992 in this museum. quite easy to find the book (here, for example), should order one, it's a nice one!