Aug 31, 2011

a pretty book she sent

in the mail a few days ago. a pretty old german children's songbook. thanks a lot geneviéve!

Aug 28, 2011

the most perfect terrace

a few days ago it was very sunny. today sunshine and rain. crazy weather.
this terrace from a friend is a great place to be, very quiet, although it's in the middle of the city.

Aug 27, 2011

things we both have (41)

moomin pillow.
up: mieke's
down: veronik's

Aug 25, 2011

same but different

charlotte presented this chestnut spread already 4 times, but in different shapes. it tastes really good, but the packaging is even better!

Aug 24, 2011

fruit stickers

veronik's fruit sticker collection is growing. the 2 squirrel stickers are the best!

Aug 22, 2011


found in the mail: a rice bag with pink bird on it. present from keetee (collector of cute things + check her shop!). thanks!
not in the photos but also in our mail: these paper bags from els martens. won her give-away! check her very nice blog!

Aug 19, 2011

dieter's tables

a friend and the owner of our favourite coffee bar is into making furniture and he asked to photograph some of his tables. it was really nice to do! you can see some of them at la chascona.

Aug 18, 2011

at mieke's

when i'm bored i often make photos of things i just see at home. the big box contains the stock of the webshop :)

Aug 17, 2011


can't read it since it's swedish, but found this book in a friend's house and really really like the illustrations! by barbro lindgren

Aug 16, 2011

from yesterday's visit

this place is wonderful. there's a huge table, 2 nice cats , many many plants and beautiful light all day long!

Aug 13, 2011

tomasz kowalski

we both really really like tomasz kowalski's painings.

other bears

nice pot
sweet candy
and a new puzzle in the shop.

Aug 11, 2011


the collection so far. many were send by friends and bloggers. funny to see how many different bears there are.

Aug 10, 2011

webshop update

added some new things on the webshop and put some things on sale. also the very last garlands for cheap prices. look here!

Aug 8, 2011


hard to say what's the title. but saw this nice book in a friend's place today.

Aug 7, 2011

the rainbowmaker

it's very spectacular. when the sun shines we have rainbows all over!

Aug 6, 2011


went for a walk, saw a rabbit, picked some flowers.
the day ended with a girl's night. watched juno, for probably the 5th time. so beautiful!

talking about great movies: 2 days ago we saw dog day afternoon. wow wow wow! so good! look at the first 10 min here!