Apr 23, 2009


mieke visited het mother last tuesday. found these things: a doll made by her mother, called jantje. and a picture of her and her brother from loooong time ago

veronik says thank you for all the nice birthday wishes! it was a good day!


at swim-two-birds said...

priveles van sabine over blogs.
bel je vanavond nog.
jantje is cute :-)

lisen said...

hihi! Sweeties! (all 3!) :)

when skies are grey said...

Oops, happy belated birthday Veronik!!! Hope you had a lovely day :)
This doll is super cute.

em said...

such a beautiful name! i love it!
-is it a common name where you live or just a "fantasy name"?
my boyfriend's daughter always comes up with such funny names for her toys, all of them seems to come from countries like Estonia or something. :)

mieke willems said...

hey emma! jan is a very very common name here, so have to dissapoint you!! jantje is small jan!

Marjan said...

een dagje te laat, maar toch nog een gelukkige verjaardag veronik!

Anonymous said...

hahahahah miektje mooiste van de wereld op die foto! schattig :-)


epe said...

lovely treasures!