Jan 27, 2010

woo-woo afternoon

this saturday in the shop! 30/1 from 2 till 6 PM:

* les cartes del tarot - andrea ayala *
* i-ching according to lisa jeannin *
* vegetable astrologie from otark ( charlotte koopman and
hadas cnaani ) *

* with fortune coockies and turkish coffee for all *


gina said...

Sounds like good fun!
Are the fortune cookies
homemade? Just

Kylie said...

Have a great day! Wish I could be there :( Kx

Sathya said...

Mmmh.. happy saturday!!

gini said...

ohohoho hope it went weLL!!xxxxcan't wait to see some pix
xxx gini

jokemijn said...

:D klinkt leuk! maak er een fijne dag van!

Schanett said...

what a pity I don't live next door...
I would like to be there Saturday.
have fun!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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