Oct 20, 2010

would you rather

a book full of funny things to think about by john burningham.
(click on the photos to read)


Unknown said...

That's one great book! Thanks for pointing it out!

nath said...

ah! we have a very old beaten up copy of that! we love John Burningham! the first book of his we read is called The Dog, it's very short, and there's a funny bit when the dog wees on the flowers in the garden! he's married to Helen Oxenbury, also a children's book illustrator and they have just done a book together for the first time!

teddybearswednesday said...

looks like the loveliest book

elodie g said...

This is my little girls' favourite book!!! You should look out for his other books. The stories are ALL amazing, especially Avocado Baby and The shopping basket. We are fans of John Burningham!

anne toprak said...

This is a great book. My son loved it when he was younger.Very recommended.

Anne at PlumCreek22