Jan 21, 2012


1. a nice photo that i saved on my computer long ago, not sure where i got it from. it's on our ffffound.
2. notebook
3. spread from this book, a card and an article about a fox who collected all the shoes he could find :)

more foxes before.


lotte said...

ffffunny ffffirst ffffoto. ;)

Kylie said...

Love foxes :) Kx

Anonymous said...

Your blog is fantastic and I just want to leave a footprint behind me.

Peace & Light

Agneta, a swedish one ,)

Ilka said...

Hi Mieke,
How funny. I'm working on a small post about foxes too. I'll link if you want.

Studio Fludd said...

Wow. Mysterious foxes...frames of my childhood.

rike said...

the first one is a work by 'Edgar Leciejewski' ... i couldn't find it on its page but we studied together and it has been a part of one end of year exhibition ... can't remember the title


claire loder said...

I love the fox watching the fox!!!! and the (further up) pink cat!

Mike said...

That was a fox looking at a fox picture? I thought it was your cute staring at the fox picture.