Nov 10, 2012


photo from the archive, andrea's place. / ella jenkins' really good record / the hot water bottle must be my favourite item these days /  a page from guy mees' book / pink paper


outi said...

how beautiful post this is! so bright light colors, feels good to see on this grey day in helsinki.

and i´m happy to see you saved that poor cheburaska from the garbage;)

at swim-two-birds said...

mooi allemaal!
ben je naar museum m geweest?

Olivia said...

lovely wintery cold but jolly colours in your post :-) it's getting very cold here in the UK too, although probably not as cold as where you are! xx

Andrea said...

mooie kleuren, de lente lijkt zo ver, kan zelf bij mij thuis bijnaa geen photos meer maken, nu al te donker. gaan wij binnenkort koffie drinken?

Hermine Van Dijck said...

Super schoon.
Mijn nieuwe lievelingskleur.