Jun 26, 2013

russian cheese labels

love them! found through present & correct.


fRau käthe said...

love them. too.
and the cheese .... as well.

Tirlibibi petit journal du Nord said...

Really really nice !!! it's reminds me of my childhood , my mum comes from Hungary and every summer i went at my grandmother house in Budapest it was in end of 70'S, the graphism of sweets, chocolats, cakes, cheese was nearly same of your post shows :)

Thank for this post and your very beautiful blog xxx
Lore from Paris
( minibus shop )

Jeane M. said...

Definitely hoarding this cheesy inspiration from your post. Love cheese. Got my eye on your next posts.

lisa cole said...

so cool!

wideeyedtree said...

oh! I love them too!!!