Jul 21, 2013

a book

i saw at a friend's place.  with drawings from josef kabrt. 
it's very nice to look at these 'cool' images as it's very hot now! found more photos here.


Jeane M. said...

Illustration books will always have their classic charms on me. Love the new found inspirations in here. Got my eye on your next posts.

uschi said...

hello, it's a beautiful book, i just wanted to say that the illustrator is not zdenek miller, but another czech illustrator josef kabrt. great book anyway, thank you for posting this - i haven't seen or known this book myself. although published in the former czechoslovakia, it has never been published in czech language or even available on the czech market, which is sort of ironic. and sad. but well that's how it was back than. i just love your blog anyway, it's by far my most favourite! greetings from prague :)

mieke willems said...

oh, thanks for letting me know!
i just found out the title too! jonathan hare :)

Chelsea said...