Aug 17, 2013

i want to have more plants again

i miss them already.  i gave a lot of them away because some of them were dangerous for minnie and they wouldn't survive anyway with her eating them and jumping right in them... maybe some cacti would be good.
the 2nd photo shows a work by jacqueline B. (found here) and julia send me these potholders (and a lot more, thank you!!)


at swim-two-birds said...

kom bij mij maar wat scheuten halen :)

Eryn said...

Such a lovely collection of photos! The pot holders are precious.

jokemijn said...

Oh, klein schuldgevoel hier :) Je vindt vast wel mooie planten die Minnie niet vergiftigen... Eventjes zoeken, maar dan komt er wel weer een evenwicht tussen wat goed is voor Minnie en wat goed is voor jou :)


haha, i know this illness!