Jul 18, 2010


we will make a little trip to london again. will leave on tuesday morning. if someone has some tips, would be nice to hear them!

the picture above was found on this blog.


marie said...

have a great trip!

tasha said...

playsack! i remember seeing some of those in a glass case at the museum of childhood in bethnal green. i love it there.
also, the nordic :) http://www.nordicbakery.com/

read me... said...

On Saturday, Bermondsey Square will have a summer party & they will open the Summer Exhibition at the Vitrine Gallery. One of my husbands painting will be included!! There is also the Antique Market on the same square on Friday mornings... it's at the end of Bermondsey Street. Good to go early so you have the rest of the day to explore elsewhere.

The new overground train service in East London can transport you between the Geffrey Museum in Hoxton and the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill.

outi said...

i was in London when i was 12 years old. at that time to see the Bakers street where Sherlock Holmes lived, was a big hit ;)

some day soon said...