Jul 17, 2010


the bean-plant is growing far, but still: no beans.
stickers veronik brought from berlin, and a kind of kid's corner on the fireplace.


kristina said...

The stickers look nice!

Bloesems - Lotte Janssens said...

Jij hebt geluk. De mijne zijn er niet goed aan toe. Ik heb wel een paar boontjes, maar nu worden de bladeren geel enzo, maar ik ga al terug nieuwe planten, ik blijf proberen.

Louise said...

I love the kid's corner, the colours of those characters are delicious!

Kylie said...

Beautiful images. I love those little figures in your kids corner :) Kx

Jessica said...

Confession : I am in love / obsessed with your blog.
I love your photography, i can never get enough. I found your blog few minutes ago and i'm still here, slowly enjoying each page.
Your blog is so lovely and i'm very happy to have found it :)