Feb 15, 2012

blue presents

from renilde.
the first work is from the blue path series and it's ofiicially called 'eclipse' but we call it 'the mickey'.
and the pillowcase is made out of a fabric in a classic african print which i have seen before in this etsy shop.


celine said...

what nice presents! and that bird fabric is quite excellent!

{schlawittchen} said...

Hah! I thought I had seen a similar fabric before, and ta-daaa! Here it is: http://shop.ribbonsandcrafts.de/epages/61912484.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61912484/Products/VLI-Birds
I love the fabric very much, and will definitely buy some meters of it :).

lina said...

simply love that bird print.

lisen said...

the pillowcase! beautiful pattern!