Feb 3, 2012

first snow

nice endpapers of an old book. pictures taken about 2 years ago, when we had the book workshop with jordi in our shop.

+ a nice snowman by fischli & weiss. would be nice to make one ourselfs.


Jo Waterhouse said...

I like fischli & weiss a lot a lot. I have an image in my head of some other very nice snowman art - a German couple making a snowman in a performance called Home Voodoo, but I can't remember their names. Bah.

Jane Housham said...

I love the book.

at swim-two-birds said...

mooie post!

outi said...

oh, the snowman has made a fire:)

i would also like to make one, but it´s far too cold now here, -20. when it´s that cold, the snow is just too fluffy, not a snowman material.
beautiful landscape pictures.

elianne said...

die sneeuwman!!